Sampson Medical Group of Spivey’s Corner Opens Its Doors, Bringing Compassionate Care and Convenient Services to the Community

Sampson Regional Medical Center is thrilled to announce the opening of its newest primary care practice, Sampson Medical Group of Spivey’s Corner. Located in the heart of Spivey’s Corner, this facility aims to provide comprehensive medical care to individuals of all ages, ranging from newborns to older adults.

 “We understand the importance of quality and convenient healthcare services, especially in rural areas,” explained Dr. Shawn Howerton, Chief Executive & Chief Medical Officer of Sampson Regional Medical Center, on why the hospital selected Spivey’s Corner as the next site for Sampson Medical Group’s expansion. “Our aim is to make primary care services closer to home for residents across Sampson County, saving patients valuable time and ensuring access to top-notch healthcare.”

With a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and a patient-centered approach, Sampson Medical Group of Spivey’s Corner strives to establish long-lasting relationships with each individual under their care.

Lead provider for the newest location is Dr. Susie Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is the current provider at Sampson Convenient Care located in Clinton and looks forward to her transition to the new practice location. “I’m excited to meet the residents of Spivey’s Corner and local communities. I have a passion for rural healthcare and making connections with each of my patients,” stated Fitzgerald.

Dr. Fitzgerald is known for her commitment to patient well-being and her expertise in providing comprehensive primary care services. With her extensive knowledge and compassionate nature, she will play a pivotal role in delivering exceptional medical care to the community.

 “We are proud to offer a wide range of services at our practice, including routine check-ups, preventive care, chronic disease management, immunizations, and much more. We also understand the urgency when patients are not feeling well and will offer same-day sick visits to ensure timely treatment for those in need,” shared Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald also has a strong interest in women’s health and will offer many in-office procedures and evaluations that address women’s health concerns through each stage of life.

Sampson Medical Group is dedicated to offering patients a warm and welcoming environment fostering open communication regarding each patient’s personalized treatment plan.

“I invite the residents of Spivey’s Corner and the surrounding areas to experience our compassionate care and convenience firsthand. We look forward to meeting each of you as we open our doors to the community,” expressed Fitzgerald.

Spivey’s Corner is the third location for Sampson Medical Group, with additional locations in Clinton and Newton Grove. 

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To schedule an appointment at the newest location in Spivey’s Corner, please call 910.236.0182.