Road construction update

City of Clinton will begin road construction on Cooper Drive

Beginning Monday, October 11th, the City of Clinton will begin road construction on Cooper Drive. The purpose of the road construction project is to install a new drainage line. It is anticipated the intersection of Beaman Street and Cooper Drive will be closed for up to one week. Temporary changes to traffic flow on Cooper Drive accessing Sampson Regional Medical Center Emergency Department will be in effect.

Cooper Drive is the primary access road from Beaman Street to SampsonRMC Emergency Department and is currently the only entrance for hospital visitors due to current COVID-19 visitor restrictions. Both emergency vehicles and visitors must make note of traffic flow changes.

The City of Clinton has been diligent in communicating changes with Sampson County dispatch, to inform emergency vehicles. Detour signs will be placed in appropriate areas to alert drivers. Temporary signage will also be placed by the hospital to effectively communicate the temporary change in traffic flow.

Alternate routes to access SampsonRMC Emergency Department may include:

From NC HWY 701 to Beaman Street turn right onto Vann Drive.

From College street to Beaman Street, there are two possible options.

  • Option 1: turn left onto E Johnson Street then turn right onto Butler Dr.
  • Option 2: turn left onto Vann Dr.

From East Johnson Street turn onto Butler Drive then turn left onto Cooper Drive.